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Author and Storyteller

Ansa Edim is a brand strategy consultant and storyteller in Washington, D.C. She entered the wonderful world of dating apps at the age of 28 after a ten-year relationship ended in divorce. Since then, she has been navigating single life as a self-proclaimed fat, Black social activist. Ansa has performed her dating stories on stage in DC’s own Story District and Smut Slam competitions, with her most popular story “The Condom Story” winning the grand prize at her first event. 


Ansa is compiling her sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic dating stories into a memoir to share lessons she’s learned so far (like don’t take a same-day flight to visit a Tinder date in Iceland because he will turn out to be a racist anti-vaxxer who calls you a slur in your own Airbnb). She lives in Southeast with her boxers Henry A. Kissinger (Kiss) and Robert S. McNamara (Big Mac).

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